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Welcome to our website

Government Arts College Shahera was established in 2008. The college was started in a school building of Shri. S.J. Dave High School, Shahera and shifted to its present premises of Kankari village in 2013. It was affiliated to Gujarat University, Ahmedabad till academic year 2015-2016. But at present the college is under the affiliation of newly established university of Panchmahals namely Shri Govind Guru University, Godhra. Our college is located between Godhra and Lunawada of Panchmahals district. It is 20 kms far from Godhra and 24 kms away from Lunawada.

Principal Desk

The college which had a very humble beginning in 2008 has now state-of-the-art infrastructure with more than 1700 students. With pride we can say that Government Arts College, Shahera is an accredited institute. Following the completion of the first cycle of NAAC accreditation, we have secured Grade “B” with a CGPA of 2.49. The grade, no doubt explains about our standard on the national level and it is quite a satisfactory achievement for a new institute like ours. But the grade does not just tell everything about our college fraternity. The path here is as important as the destination. Throughout the whole process of various stages of this cycle, our colleagues displayed a marvelous level of synergy. All of us, the teaching and non-teaching staffs worked as a closely-knit team and students also co-operated whole-heatedly whenever needed.


To make rural students able to stand up in the world of competition.
To make use of latest technology for making education more approachable and interesting.
To prepare students for the army, the college organizes Winter Army Training (hundred hours residential certificate course).
To provide well-maintained and disciplined college environment.
To provide rich library and computer lab with wi-fi campus.
To make students self-employed through select RUSA granted self-employed tailoring course for girls and document assistant course for boys


Our vision is to provide students the best educational opportunities with most efficient techniques. Our aim is to make students employable and responsible citizens by inculcating in them values of fraternity, equality, and nationality. Government Arts College, Shahera intends to set an example for all other colleges in tribal areas and to impart quality education to students facing all the challenges.
To aware the community around the college(particular villages) related to local and global issues and help them to come out from the same.
To prepare a disaster management force of students to serve in emergency period of the nation.


an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Institutional Achivements


Anti Ragging

Ragging is a disturbing reality in the higher education system of our country. Despite the fact that over the years ragging has claimed hundreds of innocent lives and has ruined careers of thousands of bright students, the practice is still perceived by many as a way of ‘familiarization’ and an ‘initiation into the real world’ for young college-going students. Other organisations/bodies working in this field have also attempted to define ragging, the variety of definitions being reflective of differences in perspective.